Semester 2 2021 Social Event

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Semester 2, 2021!

As is our tradition, CASSA’s brand spanking new executive team is hosting a start of semester social event to help students connect and socialise!

It will held on the grassed area in front of building 18 on Friday, 13th of August from 3pm. Come along and meet people and the new CASSA executive team. We are providing free food and drink as well!

We do ask that you join CASSA as a member and use your ECU email when registering with the EventBrite booking link below.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Events Co-Coordinator

Call for Nominations Executive Committee 2021/22

Hi Everyone,

Nominations for the 2021/22 CASSA executive committee are open. CASSA by-laws state that the positions must be held by on campus students in order to effectively steward the club. If contributing to CASSA is something you have considered or you feel you have ideas that could benefit members of the Computer and Security Student Association I encourage you to nominate.

Executive positions include:
Vice President
Social Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Technical Admin

Please email with the subject line being the “Nomination for the position of [position]”.
In the body of the email provide your name and student number along with a short paragraph on why you would like to nominate for that position.
Nominations will only be accepted from ECU emails and please send a separate email for each position you are nominating for.

Nominations will close on the 17th May 2021 with voting to be held at the AGM (time and date TBA)
I look forward to collating the nominations in preparation for voting.

All the best with your studies.

RedRoom {}

HI Everyone,

I hope you are all settling into the semester and enjoying your units.
A great compliment to the skills you learn throughout the degrees of both computer science and cyber security is practicing the application of those concepts.

Capture The Flag, (CTF), games offer a way to do just that by posing puzzles and scenarios based on those concepts. RedRoom is a CTF training group run by students for students. It is aimed at beginners so as to help them prepare for these competitions. The main goal is to work towards competing in some of the large CTF’s run throughout the year, namely WACTF.

Don’t feel that you need to have completed subjects or be in your final year. This is not the case. People play these competitions out of interest and for the challenge. All CTF’s have flags designed for beginners through to the more experienced players. So come along and join in. Monday nights @ 18:30 in 18.103/104. I look forward to welcoming everyone.


Start of Semester Social

Welcome to the first week of semester 1, 2021. As part of settling into the new semester CASSA is hosting their start of semester social. It will held on the grassed area in front of building 18 on Friday March 5th from 4-6pm. Come along and meet people and the CASSA executive team. We do ask that you join CASSA as a member and use your ECU email with the eventbrite booking.
I look forward to seeing everyone there. Even if you can’t make it swing by CASSA afternoons on a Friday or come by the desk on level two of building 18.

All the best with the semester studies.


Welcome to Semester 1 2021

Hi everyone,

Orientation week is here and I hope all new students are taking the opportunity to explore campus and some of the labs.
You can find the CASSA desk located on level 2 of building 18 opposite the lift.

Please sign up and join CASSA, it is not like the student guild where membership is included with enrollment. There is no fee to join however you must have a valid ECU email address in order to complete the registration.
Also be sure to join the Discord server. The link is located on the home page. Check the ‘Students Resources Guide’ located under the ‘services’ tab. It has a wide range of software and cloud storage services available to students along with some other things as well.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the CASSA start of semester social. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow students and create that network that will help in the following weeks of study. Older students are more than willing to help new students with their transition to University studies.

CASSA Fridays will be on again this semester with Learn2Linux workshops, study sessions and lightning talks. The lightning talks are 5min presentations given by students on a wide range of subjects. Last year there were some excellent talks presented, so come along and join in. If you would like to give a talk please see someone at the CASSA help desk or contact an executive on Discord.
1 – 3:30pm Friday in room 18.419 (This is subject to change so keep an eye out announcements or swing by the help desk to check)

RedRoom will be starting again in week three. It is a Capture The Flag, (CTF), training group. Students help each other practise for upcoming CTF’s. It is held Monday nights starting at 6:30pm. If you have never competed in a CTF that is not a problem. It is exactly the reason this session exists! To help you prepare. At the end of the year WACTF is held and competing is a lot of fun.
So come along and join in. CTF’s are a great way to practise the concepts you will learn in the degree. Don’t feel like you need to complete your degree in order to compete. Flags are tiered so even a quick web search of a concept could crack one. This session is a great way to complement your learning and meet people in the security space. Occasionally industry professionals will present on a topic which is always wonderful to hear.
6:30pm Mondays in room 18.103/104

Once again welcome to ECU as a new or continuing student. All the best with the semester studies.

CASSA President


End of Semester Trivia Quiz

Hi Everyone,

As the semester draws to a close I hope everyone has done well to submit assignments and start with exam preparation. To end the semester, CASSA will be holding a trivia quiz on the last day of exams. Sorry to those who may still be sitting assessment on the last day.

Teams of 4 are requested however if you don’t have a team that is fine. Come along and teams can be formed or you can compete alone if you desire.
Consisting of four rounds combining general knowledge and technical questions. However, it is a chance to come together and celebrate the end of semester and to look back on all the hard work people have put in.

Event Details:
November 20th 2020
Rooms 18.103 and 18.104
Joondalup Campus

Please arrive around 2:30pm for a 3pm start. We look forward to seeing everyone there.


Computer lab name suggestions

Hi Everyone,

The computer labs on level two of building 18 are being renamed in the near future. CASSA members have been given the chance to provide some input to the School of Science for suggestions. The theme of the naming is famous people in the field of Computer Science. To be eligible to submit a suggestion you must hold a valid ECU student email. Submissions close November 20th. Send your suggestions to,

The subject of your email should be in the following format including the quotation marks enclosing the submission field
[Lab Naming 2020] <studentName> – “<submission>”

Please note: Failure to send in suggestions from a valid student email or the correct subject formatting will result in the email being discarded by spam filters.

If you wish to explain why you chose that particular person/people you can do so in the body of the email.
We look forward to collating the suggestions from students and forwarding them to the school for consideration.

All the best with the semester.


Upcoming event: Ethical hacking careers and opportunities

Hello everyone,

Want to know what it is like to work in Cyber Security? ECU invites you along to hear from two of Perth’s experts organised by Master Cyber Security student, Nabila Farah. Laura Davis and Brenda Van Rensburg will talk about their experiences and roles in Cyber Security.

  • Laura Davis – Pen testing experience in Asterisk Information Security
  • Brenda Van Rensburg – A.I. Cyber and Data Professional from Terrene Global

It is the perfect opportunity to find out about careers and opportunities in Cyber Security especially for ladies..

The event will take place on the 23rd of July between 5 – 6:30pm. So register soon before tickets are sold out (only 50 tickets are available).

ECU’s official event flyer

Click here to register

Changing of the guard.

Semester 1 2020 saw much upheaval to our daily lives. The global pandemic forced unprecedented changes around the world and CASSA was no exception. Despite this we battled on and made the best of it trying to complete our studies and make the best of the situation. In May the AGM took place and the election of a new executive team for 2020/21 was conducted. Come the end of semester official handover has completed. As incoming President, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the hard work the out going team put in. I wish them all the best as they head off to complete their industry placement.

Keep an eye on the events announcements for activities that will be held in the upcoming semester and remember any questions and suggestions can be submitted to . We look forward to meeting new members and catching up with old ones once the new semester starts and life returns to normal on campus. Once again thanks to the 2019/20 executive team and all the best to all CASSA members.

All the best for the rest of semester one!

As semester one draws to a close, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge that it has been a challenging several months for many of ECU’s students. COVID-19 has put us on the back-foot in terms of being able to be there for our members. However, we wish to extend our best wishes to everyone out there as they begin working on and preparing for their final assessments in their units. The way many of these final assessments are being conducted is unprecedented in a way that may make them more stressful and scary. If you need to, please make use of ECU’s support services.

Look after yourself and each other, and we can’t wait to see everyone back on campus for semester two!